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Overview and Mission

Darkroom Records, created in the spring of 2015, aims to provide students in Columbia, Mo access to a free, student run recording studio where musicians can record their music and become sound engineers learning techniques in music recording and entrepreneurship.


It is the belief of Darkroom Records that students deserve enrichment opportunities in the fields of creative and practical arts that go beyond the traditional classroom. By providing students the opportunity to record their own music and train  to become studio engineers, Darkroom Records creates an enriching opportunity for students to find their voice and hone their talents. We also aim to provide  opportunities to showcase musicians' talents in the community by organizing events that are planned by and ran by students.


Our mission is to provide access to top of the line equipment, to train students on the musical production process and to promote music in our community by providing space for student-musicians to master their musical craft.

Featured In:

  • USA Today

  • Associated Press

  • Vox Magazine (Cover)

  • Columbia Daily Tribune

  • Columbia Missourian

  • CPS Quarterly (Cover)

  • Inside Columbia

  • KOMU News


In order to continue pursuing our goal of providing free access to recording opportunities for students across Columbia, there are several items that could help grow our studios reach and provide after school programs for students across Columbia. Our goals include

  • Upgrading our equipment to meet the needs of our growing number of students

  • Expand our presence into all of the high schools in Columbia by building more onsite recording studios

  • Build a group of community supporters to help promote our studio’s goals, provide instructional experiences for students and advocate for our student participants


“There are so many kids who are already doing their own music and who needed a place to record it. It’s really confidence-building. It’s empowering.
-Dr. Peter Stiepleman, Superintendent, Columbia Public Schools

“I am really into and music and want to get into the music business. This was the perfect opportunity to get some background
- Mackenzie Thomas, 11th Grade, Hickman High School

“This will give kids an opportunity to branch out and start their own bands. There are kids that drop out of school, and this might be a hook to get them back in.”
-Craig Adams, Practical Arts Director, Columbia Public School

This is giving talented people an opportunity they would not have had the resources or access to otherwise
- Morgan Jones, 12th grade, Hickman High School

This studio could not have been built if not for the help of the following people...

  • Academy of Rock-Hickman and Battle High Schools
  • Craig Adams
  • James Melton
  • Jerome Sally
  • Tyree Byndom
  • Jordan Smith
  • Jonathan McFarland
  • Brock Boland
  • Caleb White
  • Jake Hanselman
  • Mitchell Hughey
  • Shawn Ettlemen
  • Nancie and Stephen Hawke
  • Grill-A Brothers Food Truck
  • Dominique "Ess Tee" Ellis
  • Tim Hanson
  • Phil Overeem
  • Rona Navales

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